Lost Mine of Phandelver

1-13-16 Location Wave Echo Cave

Barracks where Bug Bears were killed

The entire team is assembled. barkle Heals Elos. A knock is heard at the East Door and appears Agosta. He came thru and to sneak past 7 ghouls, saw a room covered in Mushrooms towards the east, and a dead dwarf. A loud wave like boom is heard. Now towards the east door a scratch is heard. The teams heads to the West door but I cannot open it. Elos and I push it open together. As the door slowly opens the hallways are covered in spiderwebs. It appears there are bug bears wrapped in the web. Possibly the bodies our our recent kills. Braximus lets loose a firebolt. As the words “fero” touches his lips a smile appears, while the fire burns the spiders webs. Only a small path is formed. I light a torch and give it to Barkles mage hand. He moves his hand like a conductor and clears a path to the North Door. There is now an iron gate in front of the entrace. With 2 inch bars it appears as there is no way to get past. Elos burns the bodies.

The team heads back to the east door. Past through the South hallway with Ghouls. Head through east hallways and open into a large room. 12545930_1087054314678522_1051867465_o.jpg

We find dead bodies on the floor, a channel, a paddle, and a furnace. In the back a floating skull of red and green. Agosta sneaks in the room. Barkle sends mage hand to light a body. The skull immediately stops patrol and heads the flaming body and screaches “INTRUDERS!”. We try to sneak around but mine armor is loud. The skull swiftly turns around and screams " INNTRUDDERSSS!" The dead bodies starts to form and awaken. A blast of fire from it’s eyes flashes before me and hits dead center. Agosta uses his staff to crack a zombie twice. Barkle sends a bolt right at the skull but hardly seems affected. I swing at the Zombie in front of me with a massive hit. Adara shoots a firebolt “aba” and hits the closest zombie. Krud looses an arrow on the zombie on fire and sails thru to the zombie behind it. Elos rushs the red skull but misses. Willy attempts to hit a zombie but misses and falls face down. Braximus moves swiftly thru and bellows “Pish PISH Pish” and 3 missles slam into the red skull. Shado moves in and sends out firebolt into the Red Skull. He screams “awa” Elos slams his axe into the side of the skull and it falls to the floor. Agosta uses his stick to beat the zombie in front of him. Barkle shoots a zombie with a crossbow. I swing at the zombie in front of me. Adara sends another firebolt “awa” and nails him. Willy gets hit by a zombie and cries out in pain. Krud Swings three times at 2 foes and takes out the head of the zombie in front of me.

Elos comes back for Willy and nails the Zombie with an Axe. Willy fails to hit a zombie. Braximus sends firebolt around me and hits the zombie nearest me. Shado blows out firebolt at near me. Agosta smashes the zombie in the face and its bodies falls lifeless. He swings again and a loud crack is heard. Barkle hits a zombie dead on. I slashed one and suddenly hit in the back by firebolt and Adara yells “Sorry!” I reply " NOOB!!" A zombie goes to gnaw on Willy’s head. Krud immediately tries to aid Willy and hits this zombie, then the one next to him, and again Willy’s attacker. Elos cleaves the zombie in half but he is still alive. Braximus agains sculpts firebolt and hits the zombie as it slumps to the floor. Agosta swiftly sends his staff into the head of the zombie. Barkle calls in thinder wave and are lightly damaged. Adara’s firebolt hits the torso but is barely phased.

Krud swings at the 3 closest zombies and hits each one easily. Elos kills the zombie in front of him. Out of the shadows Shado sents an arrow into the zombie head and decapitates it. We easily clean up the zombies and I check each body but there is nothing of value. Adara checks the skull but finds nothing special. Krud checks the room and finds no traps. Agosta checks out the the furnace. Barkle recognizes the devices as a forge. =190 xp


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