Lost Mine of Phandelver

12-30-15 Location Wave Echo Cave

Start: Cavern with Gnome/Dwarve's Mining

Adara, Krud, Elos, Braximus, Shado, and Gamora head south through a door and come upon old weapon racks and skeleton bones from Orcs and Dwarves. Braximus and Gamora lead the charge. Shado is knocked unconscious. Gamora lops the head off one skeleton and sees a glimer of red ruby as the skull is emancipated from its current owner. Braximus gives Elos a mighty hug and thunder smashes two skeletons. Adara rolls fire and scortches 5 foes. Elos smashes another skeleton and Krud ends the last member.

Gamora finds a Sardonics stone that is red and white (ping pong size) that was warm to the touch and lost its warmth. A story from the decks of Calico Jack and the bard Mikel shared the story of a wizard who set a trap on his home with a sardonic stone that will Raise the Dead buried in the basement if anyone entered.

The team takes a short rest after searching the room.

Head west to the door and find a Strong Box that is invincible!

Turn back North to door and hear crunching. Elos opens the door to find 4 hungry ghouls. Elos closes the door and the team readies for the attack. The ghouls clamber at the door and one arm appears and Elos’s axe claims the arm of the lead ghoul.


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